Be Yourself Games Privacy Policy

This is to inform the app users the Privacy Policies regarding the collection of data, use of data and disclosure of Personal Information if anyone decides to use our app. This Privacy Statement is created in order to demonstrate our firm commitment regarding your privacy. This Privacy Policy explains how the information is collected, used and disclosed.

In this Privacy Policy we explain:

We are concerned about your privacy and respect it. This Privacy Policy applies to all our games, websites and other related services, collectively called the “Services”. We think this information will provide better services/apps/games; we might collect some of your information and this privacy policy describes what information we collect and how we use/process it.
If you choose to use our app, then you are agreeing to the collection and use of information in relation to this policy. The Personal Information that we collect is used for providing and improving the app. Be Yourself Games will not use or share your information with anyone except as described in this Privacy Policy. The terms used in this Privacy Policy have the same meanings as in our Terms and Conditions, which is accessible at Be Yourself games unless otherwise defined in this Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to change this policy from time to time, so be sure to check it periodically.

Collection of General Information

For a better experience of our app, at the point of using our Service, we may require from you to provide us certain personally identifiable information. Your information will be collected on the basis of your input and/or automatically. Information like: your name, IP address, device model number, device user agent, location information, advertising ID (android/ios), device ID, and/or any other information might be collected by third parties (e.g. ad networks). We do not collect any information that you have saved on your mobile device such as contacts and/or appointments. Some of the information is not mandatory to provide us (e.g. Player Nick Name and information that you provide us in Support Queries via email), so you have the option to provide us or not.
Be Yourself Games does not give anyone your photo, or tell anyone your name, email, home address, telephone, your school’s name or any other information about you that they could use to contact you either online or in the real world.

Information Collected Automatically

At the time you access or use the App, we automatically collect information about you, including:

Log in Details: About your use of the App, including the type of device you use, the features you use, access times, and your IP address.

Device Information: Collect information about the device you use to access the App, including information about the device’s software and hardware, unique device identifiers, push or other device tokens, mobile network information and time zone. Usage Information: Collect information related to your use of the App at an aggregated level only.

Consumption information: Collect information about your consumption habits related to your use of the App, including the purchases you make with both virtual and real currencies.
In addition, we may collect certain information automatically, which includes, but not limited to, the type of mobile device you use, your mobile device’s unique device ID, the IP address of your mobile device, your mobile operating system, the type of mobile Internet browsers you use, and information about the way you use the Application. Automatic Data Collection and Advertising

Be Yourself Games works with advertisers and third-party advertising networks. This process needs to know how you interact with advertises provided in the Application. Advertisers and advertising networks use some of the information collected by the Application, including, but not limited to, the unique identification ID and Android advertising ID of your mobile device. These third parties may also obtain anonymous information about other applications you have downloaded to your mobile device, the mobile websites you visit, your non-precise location information (e.g., your zip code), and other non- precise location information in order to help analyze and serve anonymous targeted advertising on the Application and elsewhere.
We may also share information you have provided in order to enable our partners to attach other available information about you for analysis or advertising-related use.

Other Collected Information:

Be Yourself Games may employ third-party companies and individuals due to the following reasons:

We want to inform users of this Service that these third parties have access to your Personal Information. The reason is to perform the tasks assigned to them on our behalf. However, they are obligated not to disclose or use the information for any other purpose; other than stated above.
This process may also obtain information from other sources and combine that with information we collect through the App. For example, at the time you log into the App using a third-party site or platform such as Facebook, we may access information about you from that site or platform, such as your screen name, profile information and friend lists, in accordance with the authorization procedures determined by such third party site or platform. We may also collect information from app stores when you download or update one of our applications.
If you log into the App using a third-party site or platform, you represent and warrant that your access and use of such features in connection with the App will comply with the applicable terms and policies of such site or platform.

Third Party Advertising, Analytics, Services (Our Partners)

Be Yourself Games also works with certain business partners, such as other game developers and advertising partners, and information collected from you may be shared through these partnerships.

Data Security that we ensure

All your information is protected and secure; all the good practices are followed to make sure no one can access your private information.

How we Use the Information

Purposes of using the information, including:

Be Yourself Games may use your information for the purpose of providing, delivering, protecting, marketing and/or improving our services. Some of your information (e.g. your name, country etc.) might be posted on global leaderboards/online scoring system and will be visible to other users of our services. We also might use your information for Google analytics, Flurry analytics to better understand your interest and serve you better (for example, to update and develop player profile, customize service experience etc.)

Third party services (Advertising, Analytics)

While using our Services, you might also use third party services, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Play Services and Game Center. We do not control how they interact with you and you should ensure that you consent to Terms of Use and Privacy Policies offered by the Third Party Services before providing them with your information. You acknowledge that we are not liable when Third Party Services use information you provide to them.
We encourage you to be careful about the protection of your own personal information while using Third Party Services such as social media platforms.
Some of our services/apps/games are supported by Third Party AD Networks that serve advertisements within our services/apps/games. These ad networks send advertisements and links to your device which will appear in our services/apps/games. When our services/apps/games request such advertisements, some of your information (e.g. your IP address, location information, device User Agent, Advertising ID, device ID etc.) is transferred to us and these Third Party AD Networks. You can find the list of ad-networks / partners that we use below and can request to opt out of personalized advertisements. In-app Purchase
Some of our games offer in-app purchases. Examples of in-app purchases are items you can purchase (for real or in-game currency) or other additional features. If you do not want to make in-app purchases, do not use these paid-for options and consider disabling in-app purchases on your device. How to contact us
[email protected]

Changes of Privacy Policy

This privacy policy may be revised from time to time according to the needs of the app. Changes hereto will not prejudice Users’ rights without their consent. For more information and enquiries, please contact us at

[email protected]