We will send you important information about the game, your account etc.

No you don’t need internet or wifi to play the games but without internet connection you cannot send the registration detail and your status on the leader board will not be updated. Also we cannot send you relevant information about the game if you are not connected.

We will try to update the game with bug fixes if any and new addition to the game to make the game and game play more interesting fun and amazing for you. Always download and install the latest version of our games to play the latest version of the game. We will always notify you about the updates on our website and also by email if you subscribe here

Leader board criteria are higher of Coin – Gem – Score – Time (Least time). So any one who completes the game in least amount of time and has the highest score, coin and gem will be at the top of the leader board. A combination of this will generate an XP. Leader board winning criteria will be – A player with the highest XP will top the leader board. So any one who completes the game with higher XP value will be at the top of the leader board and win the game.
XP = Game Play XP + IAP XP
Game Play XP: [CollectedCoinAmount x 2] + [CollectedGemAmount x 3] + [RemainingTime x 2] + CurrentLevelScore
S.N IAP Item Added XP Value
1 Coin Pack 1 10
2 Coin Pack 2 20
3 Coin Pack 3 30
4 Coin Pack 40
5 Coin Pack 5 50
6 Coin Pack 6 100
7 Gem Pack 1 10
8 Gem Pack 8 20
9 Gem Pack 3 30
10 Gem Pack 40
11 Gem Pack 5 50
12 Gem Pack 6 100
13 Subscription [Monthly] 100
14 Subscription [3 Monthly] 300
15 Subscription [6 Monthly] 600
16 Subscription [12 Monthly] 1200
17 Avatar 1 [Price $3] 300

No you cannot. Once you complete a level your data and collectables are saved for the leader board so even if you play the same level multiple times there will be no effect on the leader board and will not influence your position on the leader board. However your collectables will surely increase if you play any level multiple times but to have an effect on the leader board you just have to play a level one time only.

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Yes. All the games that offer on our website are skill based games. There are no elements of chances involved in any of our games. To win gamers will be tested for their skill at every step of the game and it is the skillful and competitive player who will come out as the winner to qualify for the winning. There are no chances or luck involved in the games we build. You have to be competitive, skillful, hard-working and be willing to give enough time to master the games to stand a chance to win in our games. Our games are played by the gamers around the world and they are tested based on their skill and play capability and the best of the best reaches the top of the leader board and must stay. Any questions please get in touch at – [email protected]

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