Revenge of Nature

Revenge of Nature

About Revenge of Nature

It's a rouge-like survival game based on Nature's revenge against Human, for what they have done to the Mother-Nature over the centuries.

Game Intro:

This planet was dead once. Only the dust and fog of volcanic fumes raging through the wind over a lifeless field of burnt rocks. An unsurvivable hell.

Then we came. Our ancestors fought against that rudeness and gave birth to the Green Army. The Green Army marched over every continent and flourished in what was once a barren wasteland. Made this planet alive.

Then we let others live and prosper under our protection. Many birds, animals, and insects. It was a beautiful harmony, Mother Nature was happy, and the earth lived.

Then came the race of smart bipeds, aka humans. They thought they were smarter than us. They destroyed forests, burned underground minerals, brought back the long forgotten dark age of dust clouds, and filled the entire planet with their lifeless abominations—what they call civilization.

After millennia, finally, Mother Nature forged her greatest child—weaponized with deadly abilities to fight against humans. That child is RON.

RON's mission is to eradicate human corruption, bring back green harmony, and save our planet.


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